What is The Price of a Real Hoverboard?

Many people are wondering about the price of real hoverboard that was seen in the movies like back to the future 2, but the question we want to ask is if such hoverboard really exists? The answer is No, even with high tech world we live in, no company has not yet produced a device matching the one we saw in movie. Having said that, we are slowly moving towards that technology, with companies producing 2 wheel self balancing scooters. These self balancing hoverboards cost around $300-2000 depending upon the brand and features.

In the following article we will compare the prices of next gen hoverboards launching in upcoming year.

Lexus Slide Hoverboard Price

lexus hoverboard price

This product is the latest technology hoverboard available in market. According to the official website the skateboard is made of maglev technology, contains HTSLs (high temperature superconducting blocks). The magnetic structure of the board helps it hover above the ground. It took months of research and testing to develop this board. Company has uploaded a video on youtube showing how this board works.

Estimated Lexus Slide Hoverboard cost – $10000-20000

Hendo Hover

One of the few companies that are working towards developing a real hoverboard using magnetic field architecture technology. They first starting developing their product in mid of 2013 when they just started with basic structure as you can see in above image. In 2016 they already have a model available in the market. Although company has not mentioned it’s price but guessing from the technology they are using, it is estimated to cost around $5000-7000.


OMNI Hoverboard

This company claims that they are the first ever real hoverboard developer. The 31 year old inventor of this product managed to travel 5 meters above the water for a distance of 275 meters. This product is going to launch in next 1-2 years, since it is still under testing phase.

Estimated OMNI Hoverboard price -$5000

Available Hoverboard prices

Now lets compare the prices of hoverboards or self balancing scooters available in today’s market

  • FB299 hoverboard offered on our website is the cheapest option available in market, costing just $297. This model comes in black color with 6.5 inch wheels and runs more then 20 km in single charge.
  • Lambo Hoverboard comes in a unique design similar to that of lamborghini car. It has a unique sporty look and costs around $400. It comes with 6.5 inch wheels, bluetooth, and free carry bag.
  • SUV hoverboard is one of a kind self balancing scooter available in market. It is suitable for tough tracks and has a long lasting body and battery. This product is UL2272 certified and comes in unique black-white color combination. This product is currently priced at $600.

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