About Us

We are the giants in online retailing for all kinds of hoverboards. Floating Board Inc. is the most popular hoverboard retailer online with dozens of different hoverboards available in multiple colors. We offers premium quality Hoverboards with best material, power loaded batteries and features like 12-20 miles ride time and 90% charging in an hour. Our Head office and warehouse is located in Menlo Park, California.

Nowadays many hoverboards are having heat issues and result in explosions. This happens because companies use cheap batteries that are prone to leakage. When it comes to our products, they come with top quality power loaded Samsung batteries which can endure lot of load and still result in minimal heating issues. We believe in serving our customers with the right intent and our focus is creating value in our customer’s experience of using our product and therefore our hoverboards are tested before they are shipped. If you still receive the product in bad condition or if there is any technical default in it, we will repair it for free if received within 3 months of purchase.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority, having said that we expect you to take full care of your hoverboard in order to keep it running for longer period of time. If you live in USA, we will ship hoverboard for free but if you live outside USA, the normal Fedex/DHL rates will apply. We ship all over the world, but our product is shipped from USA, hence it can attract some shipping cost if you live outside USA.

We do not merely believe in words and so for the assurance and satisfaction of our customers, our website features testimonials from those who have already experienced the delight of using our hoverboards. The blog feature on our website is a platform where some valuable tips for buying; using and taking care of hoverboards is available.

So if you’re a hover freak then we are here for you. Select the one which is most suitable for you and place your order today and get guaranteed shipping in 5-10 days! We love our customers and look forward in assisting you so if you have any pre-sale questions or queries regarding your order then get in touch – Floatingboardinc@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 2-6 hours!

Happy hovering!