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Arrive at the completely new paradigm and give yourself the gift of experiencing a dynamic, clean personal mobility of the next generation. At Floating Board you can buy hoverboard online using our 100% secure payment processor. We have collected a list of most popular hoverboard for sale available in online marketplaces. Read further in order to find the most suitable option as per your requirements.

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As a forward minded company, we pride ourselves in our firm commitment to excellence in our mission of bringing you the most innovative, powerful and amazing HoverBoard technology available in today’s market. 

We are certain this new mode of transportation will provide a whole new level of fun, enjoyment and entertainment for children and adults alike – with, you can rest assured that the HoverBoards you’ll get are of highest quality, material and design.

Check all our products today by Visiting Our Store or Browsing Below! This page is updated on weekly basis with latest hoverboards and prices, so make sure you bookmark this page to stay up to date. If you are confused regarding which hoverboard you should purchase then check out our infographic on Which Hoverboard is right for Me? . After Purchasing make sure to check out our infographic on How to Ride a Hoverboard? for safe riding experience.

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Top 4 Hoverboard For Sale

RANK #4 FBOARD K5 Lamborghini Hoverboard(Red)

   It might not be possible for everyone to buy a Lamborghini car but it is certainly possible to buy a hoverboard that looks like a lamborghini car. New stylish Lamborghini design along with an amazing riding experience will get you addicted to this amazing toy. This product ranks #4 because of the low stock factor (Current price :$293), People who buy it consider this the number 1 self balancing scooter. Read more at : Lamborghini Hoverboard, 8 Inch wheels with Bluetooth.

Top Features of FBOARD K5 Lamborghini Style Hoverboard –

    • Product has fast charging battery, charges 95% in less then 2 hours.
    • Unique lamborghini style giving it an elegant look.
    • Runs upto 20 km in single charge.
    • Available in Black, Gold, Orange and Red color options.

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Please note that these ranks are just guidelines which will help you select the perfect hoverboard for you, There might be some products that are not listed in this top 4 list that could be the perfect board for you, so make sure you visit our shop to browse multiple hoverboard designs and colors available which can meet your expectations. All Hover board scooters on our website gives you a feeling of riding a real hoverboard, and latest technology boards are added on our website every month.

RANK #3 FBOARD K9 Black Hoverboard

This product ranks top 2 for most selling among all the hoverboards for sale in 2016 but we are giving it #3 rank since there are plenty of latest designs and models available now a days which beat this model in terms of looks. However people who like black simply can’t get enough of this stunning piece and it is still the most popular item among them. This product is currently priced at $249 making it the most affordable hover board product in the market. Read more atOriginal Black Hoverboard at 60% OFF.

Top Features of FBOARD K9 Black Hoverboard –

  • Ranks #2 in best selling hoverboard of 2016
  • Comes with fast charging battery, charges in just 90 minutes.
  • Runs upto 19 KM in single charge.
  • Priced at just $249, which is the cheapest option available online.

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RANK #2 – FBOARD K3 10 inch Hoverboard (Few in stock)

This is the latest 10 inch hoverboard which can easily beat all it’s competitors in terms of looks. This product is currently priced at $397 and comes with Bluetooth, a music speaker, remote control, and a free carry bag. It’s unique design and 10 inch tires makes this product the perfect choice for anyone looking to own a latest self balancing scooter in the market. Click here to read the full description.

Top Features of FBOARD K3 10 Inch Hoverboard

    • Strong 10 inch tires with firm road grip.
    • Made from high quality dust proof and water proof material.
    • Comes with bluetooth and key chain.
    • Charges in 90 minutes and runs upto 21 KM in single charge.

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RANK #1 – FBOARD K5 Gold Lambo Hoverboard

Everybody seems to like gold which makes this model the most popular hoverboard in the market. According to the statistics over 100,000 pieces of this product has been sold in USA this year. Charges in less then 2 hours and runs over 15-20 KM in single full charge. This model from floating board is certainly a head turner and continues to be the most popular board in 2017. You can buy this hoverboard online at just $289, which is a limited time offer.

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In the end make sure you take these 6 safety precautions before you start riding them.

Other Brand Hoverboards

  If you are a fan of buying branded products then you can find some awesome hoverboard brands on our website. You can find hover boards from companies like swagtron, vecaro lifestyle, glidecraft, and many more brands. Most of these brands import their products from other countries with their label printed on the board. There is no difference between a branded and non branded hoverboards other then the label printed on the branded hoverboard scooters.

Embrace the Innovation – Ride with Style. Take movement on a whole new level by cruising the town with your new Swagtron Hoverboard.

  • POWERFUL, 200 VATT MOTORS – enjoy speeding up to amazing 7 MPG, with the frame able to support up to 187 lbs!
  • INNOVATIVE FEATURES – enjoy extended line of features that boast a tutorial mode designed for new riders and updated, higher quality battery indicators.
  • GYROSCOPIC TECHNOLOGY – steer the hoverboard with your body weight by using the power of dynamic equilibrium through forward, backward and reverse movements

Real Hoverboards for Sale

We have posted several article on some upcoming real hoverboards. You might be little surprised to know that real hoverboard is not yet available in mainstream market but they are coming soon! Companies like Zapata, Hendo Hover, Lexus are working very hard to bring a real hoverboard in mainstream market. Check them out today :

Best Hoverboard for Kids under 13

If you have a kid who is under 13 and wants to get a hover board then you must check out 4.5 inch Hoverboard for kids. The product is specially designed for kids and comes with protective gears like helmet and knee caps. This product charges in just 2 hours and runs for upto 20 KM in single full charge.

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Tired of riding a hoverboard? Now you can turn your self balancing scooter into a gokart using a unique product called Hoverkart. It works with 6.5 inch, 8 inch and even 10 inch hoverboards and hardly takes 2 minutes to install. It has comfortable seats suitable for long rides and comes with 2 handles making your ride safe.


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Most hoverboards offered on our website are UL 2272 certified, which means you will not face excessive heating and burning issues which many hoverboards are known for. All our scooters are tested for safety measures with UL being one of them.

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Currently we have 6.5 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inches latest technology hoverboards available in stock in black, red, gold, and white. So select the one you like the most and proceed with 100% secure PayPal payments.


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